Our services

Instructional Design

We are creating e-learning since 2002. We are highly trained pedagogical experts with vast online learning and teaching experience. We approach all projects from this perspective and work on single courses through to full degree programs.

We also consult on all the before, after, and ‘in-between’ of online learning projects.


Our hosting services are designed to let you create an immersive experience for your learners. We are not limiting you here. Use as much as you need. Your content is protected by 1024 bit encryption on our solid-state dedicated hosting system.


We offer technical and pedagogical support, strongly believing that the two go hand in hand. All of our Premium Packages come with a certain degree of support, but we offer a range of packages for those with larger support needs.

You will never have to speak with the robot anymore or wait for a response via email. You can always reach out to Kris.

Explore our support services or get in touch to discuss your needs with us.


We can capture actual premises for bespoke content. The content of storytelling in 360 medium comes naturally to us.

It has been proved that 360 photos and videos are the most efficient way to deliver content via training or sale presentation. With platforms like Consilia, Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook, you can publish our content anywhere. Only Sky and your imagination is limit when it comes to potential audience reach.

Custom Development

Is on-line your choice, but you need it to do more? Consilia Global has 18 developers experienced in customizing LMS for both small and large scale projects.
Give us a call, and we will talk through your project needs.