Consilia Global was founded on value embodied by its CEO, Krzysztof Molecki. His passion is to help others to achieve their own goals. It was his priority way before Consilia was founded. Whether it was an individual or an entire business, his aspirations and motivation never changed. He lives mission of "improving one Author live at a time" every day without fail.


We believe in people - authors and learners and their ability to grow, develop and prosper


We learn on our own mistakes, so our clients dont have to. We are brave and proud as status quo will never produce the change.


Bottom line was never our way of measuring the success. When making the decision or change we have have our authors in the centre of attention.

While we started small and humble, our goal is to change the way the courses are being delivered to learners. Our bespoke solutions have a meaningful impact on the way the authors are creating their content and training structure to maximize and drive substantial change in learners' knowledge absorption. By targeted development of authors, we can drive substantial change to the way their content is presented to their learners'.

It's not about what you know. It's all about what you are going to do with it.

Krzysztof Molecki - CEO
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